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About Me

About Me

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My name is Sebastiaan

A Website Developer based in Haarlem/Heemstede

As a freelance website developer, I have a passion for creating stylish, modern websites, web services, and online stores that leave a lasting impression.

I work closely with my clients to deliver customized solutions that are not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and effective.

My goal is to design digital user experiences that provide meaningful interactions and keep your customers engaged with your brand.

  • 2.5+

    Years of
  • 8+

  • 15+




Education & Skills

With over 2.5 years of experience in web development, during which I have built modern and stylish websites, taken Udemy programming courses, and enhanced my front-end web development skills, I am currently working as a freelancer on various projects.

  • 2022-2023

    Full time Web developer

  • 2021-2022

    HBO ICT & 3 ICT Courses

  • 2018-2021

    Pre-University Education & 3 ICT Courses
    - HAVO Rudolf Steiner College

  • 2016-2018

    Univeristy Computer Science
    - InHolland

  • HTML 75%
  • CSS 75%
  • WordPress (Elementor) 70%
  • Figma 70%
  • Python 65%
  • JavaScript 65%

  • 2018-2022

    - Building multiple websites and programs.

  • 2019-2023

    - Coding & Programming

  • 2020-2022

    - Trading Stock/Crypto

Work & Experience

Applications/Building websites

Part time | At home

2018 - 2020

During the completion of my Havo, I started a new hobby, which is building websites. I specialized in various coding and programming languages.

Freelancer | Coder & programmer

Part time | At home/University


During my studies at HBO University in Haarlem, I further developed my coding and programming skills. I completed various Udemy courses and also maintained the websites and programs of my clients.

Freelancer | Web/Design Development

Part time | At home


I started learning more ICT-related topics, expanding my knowledge, and acquiring new clients. This year, I began taking my freelance career more seriously. I started delving deeper into sales to attract more clients.

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What I offer:

  • Website Development

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    Website Development

    As a professional website developer, I assist in creating an appealing and functional website that represents your business.

    Your business needs and goals are analyzed, after which your vision is transformed into an attractive website that engages your customers and enhances your company.

    In short, I provide a comprehensive solution for website development and maintenance, allowing you to focus on your core activities.

    Wat ik bied:

    • Coding websites
    • Testing
    • Programming
  • Website Design

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    Website Design

    As a website designer, I create an attractive and effective online representation of your brand using the latest trends and technologies.

    I design using Figma, allowing you to see the exact look of your website and make any changes before we begin development.

    This ensures that you are satisfied with the appearance of your website before it goes live.

    Wat ik bied:

    • Figma Design
    • Adobe Design
    • AI Design
  • Website Maintance

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    Website Maintance

    Website maintenance involves keeping a website updated and secure. It is optional and comes with additional costs.

    As a web developer, I will regularly perform updates, address security issues, and make adjustments to text and images.

    By investing in website maintenance, your site remains safe and up-to-date, contributing to user experience and your online reputation.

    What I offer:

    • Regular updates
    • Security
    • Text/Photo's maintance
  • Drone photography

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    Drone photography

    Drone photography is a unique and captivating way to enhance your website.

    I use advanced drones with high-resolution cameras to capture stunning aerial photographs and integrate them into your website.

    This provides a unique visual experience that enhances customer engagement.

    Wat ik bied:

    • Drone photography
    • Photo/Video editing




Sales Consultancy website
Rental website


Mr. Suleiman approached me to create a website for his newly established company, and I was delighted to assist him.

We crafted the website using Webflow, ensuring every detail met his expectations.

The client expressed immense satisfaction with the project and eagerly anticipated utilizing the website.

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Decade Investor

Financial advisment website
Rental website

Decade Investor

I was introduced to Mr. Kolin by a previous client who highly recommended my services. I was eager to assist him with his upcoming project.

Our collaboration revolved around guiding individuals in making prudent investment decisions and mastering financial management. It was a productive and harmonious partnership.

Notably, we efficiently completed the website development in a relatively short timeframe.

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Managment services website
Rental website


During this project, I collaborated with two clients, Ineke and Gavin. While it was a pleasant experience, it sometimes led to some confusion.

However, this collaboration has provided me with valuable insights, particularly in the way I approach my process from idea to website.

All in all, this project was a particularly enjoyable experience thanks to the involvement of Ineke and Gavin. I do not rule out the possibility of doing business together again in the future!

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Rental website
Rental website


For a rental house, I designed a website based on an existing design but added my own creative touch.

The client requested 5 pages, but I added an additional 3 pages myself to enhance my skills and make the client even happier.

The website has been very well-received, and I am very satisfied with the end result. It was a great opportunity to improve my design skills while having a satisfied customer at the same time.

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Influencer website
Rental website

Pammy website

As a professional website developer, I collaborated with Pammy, a Twitter influencer and owner of a social business.

Her website was designed to strengthen her personal brand and support her business activities, with her unique personality and vision carefully analyzed and integrated into the design.

The website is both attractive and functional, featuring a blog section integrated with her social media accounts to engage her followers easily.

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Grandma Truusje

Condolances website
Barber website picture 2

Grandma Truusje

This year, my dear grandma passed away, prompting me to consider a meaningful tribute for both my family and myself. I made the decision to create a website in her honor.

The prospect of embarking on this project filled me with enthusiasm, and I was determined to ensure all the necessary preparations were in place before commencing the work.

I'm deeply gratified that I undertook this endeavor to honor my beloved grandmother's memory.

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Twitter course
Twitter curses

Twitter course

I had a Twitter website created for my followers to explain how I have grown.

It was a great opportunity to experiment with new design techniques and expand my skills. I designed the website myself.

This website was a challenge to improve my skills and help others achieve their goals by sharing valuable content. It also helps me to create even better websites in the future.

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Learning Project

Barber website
Barber website picture

Barber website

As a beginning freelancer, I found it challenging to balance learning to code and working on freelance projects.

To challenge myself, I took on a project for a hair salon website where I could further expand my skills.

The design was inspired by another website. It was a valuable learning experience to increase my knowledge and keep pushing myself.

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Marijke Constance

Hello, I'm Marijke, and I used Sebastiaan's service for renting out my house in Portugal.

I enjoyed working with him, and he provided me with an excellent website. I am incredibly grateful for his service, and I will definitely recommend Sebas.

This is a young talent that certainly has a lot to offer in the world.

Pammy @_Pammy_DS_

Thank you for your professional and accommodating assistance with my website.

Your expertise and attention to detail made the process easy, and the final result was perfect. I appreciate your responsiveness, patience, and ability to explain things clearly.

Thanks again for making a significant impact and for the pleasure of working with you.

Ronald Schild @Knipinnhaarlem

Sebastiaan came up with the idea for a new website, even though I initially had no interest in it. However, he's charming and a good talker, so I decided to give him a chance.

We worked together, and although it didn't look great at first, Sebastiaan convinced me with his determination and perseverance.

The result is a cool and original website. This shows that young people are the future when given the opportunity. Sebastiaan is certainly someone who deserves that chance.

Luuk Traas

Hello, I'm Luuk Traas, and I'm an options trader. Together with Sebastiaan Botter, I explored the world of finance. Just like web development, he found this field interesting. Sebastiaan began his journey with cryptocurrency.

I'm thrilled to see his enthusiasm for web development and finance. I believe he has a bright future ahead.


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